Chalets in Austria at Easter

Austria is a popular travel destination all year round. But especially at Easter the full charm of this diverse holiday country becomes unfolded. Higher regions are still snow-covered and thanks to modern snow-making facilities winter sports fans can practice the full range of snow activities.In lower altitudes, on the other hand, spring is to be felt. It gets green and the distinctive, subtle scent of first blossoms lingers in the air.

At Easter first bold heralds of spring , such as snowdrops and crocuses, decorate the scene. If you plan a retreat in a Chalet in Austria at Easter, you can relax, engage in sports or get to know typical Austrian Easter customs.

Vacationing in the 11 Luxury-Chalets in Austria at Easter

The Chalet Village is located in Sankt Johann-Alpendorf im Pongau, in the Austrian province Salzburg. The sophisticated and attractively furnished Chalets, for 2-8 people, have something to offer for every taste:Cosy togetherness in the Snuggle-, or Alp-Chalet. A retreat with the Family or with a group in the Hunting-or Mountain-Chalet, providing a breath-taking panoramic view.

Each Chalet consist if a spacious, cosy parlour with a fireplace; a fully equipped kitchen; 1 to 4 bedrooms, depending on the Chalet; and modern bathrooms, sauna, and outdoor whirlpool. Further you’ll find flat-screen – satellite- TVs in the parlour and in all bedrooms.

Vacationing in the Chalets in Austria, especially at Easter, when it still can be quite cold outside, the fireplace ensures some cosy hours. It is the perfect spot to enjoy an Austrian snack with a glass of beer or wine.

Get to know traditional easter customs when vacationing in a chalet in Austria

Easter is a Christian feast, it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Around this important Christian holiday a lot of customs and traditions have developed. One of the best-known traditions is probably the story of the Easter bunny, that brings small presents to the children. The Easter bunny hides the presents and colourfully painted eggs indoors and in the garden, where children go on an Easter egg hunt.

In many families it is a custom to go on an Easter walk. An adult hides colourful eggs along the way and so children who normally get bored with walks, experience an exciting trip.

Easter Holiday in Austria – of catkins and ratchets

In Austria it is a tradition to consecrate a bunch of catkin twigs. The grey, furry buds often become decorated with painted eggs.A further Austrian Easter tradition is playing the ratchet. As in many regions of the country the church bells keep silent from Holy Thursday to Holy Saturday, the ratchets compensate the missing background noise: Children move through the village, playing the wooden instrument and reciting poems – naturally, they are hoping for small rewards.

Leisure Activities when vacationing in Chalets in Austria at Easter

When vacationing in a Chalet in Austria at Easter there is a wide range of leisure activities to choose from. The diverse programme, including everything from winter sports to wellness activities, makes your holiday unforgettable. Visit one of the traditional Easter markets, that are known for their familiar character. Here you get the opportunity to buy Austrian handy-craft and typical Easter decoration. Further you can make up your own catkin bouquet or learn how to decorate your own Easter eggs.

Easter Eggs and Holidays in the Chalets in Austria at Easter

If you bring along some of your own Easter decoration, your retreat in the Chalets of Austria at Easter will get the right atmospheric touch.But you can also make your own Easter decoration in your Chalet. In Austria we traditionally use hollowed eggs to decorate. Therefore, we make little holes in the top and bottom of a white egg. One hole can be slightly bigger. Then the content of the egg becomes blown out. It can be made into delicious scrambled eggs. The remaining egg shell, which is still whole, can be carefully painted and so it makes a beautiful decoration. You can add the experience of the traditional egg painting to the  many activities, you can choose from, in your Easter holiday in a Chalet in Austria.